What is Dri-Prime?

The Godwin Dri-Prime family of automatic self-priming pumps are always ready to go. No priming, no worries-our unique design means you can start dry and run dry without any damage.

The Dri-Prime self-priming system has no moving parts and requires very little maintenance. All Dri-Prime pumps have a number of features designed for longer life: a cast chromium steel impeller, oil-bath mechanical seal, 25 percent cast chromium steel wear plates, and more.

You can also set Dri-Prime pumps to run automatically, so that they kick on when they're needed and shut off when the water level is down. That's true for both diesel and electric models, thanks to our PrimeGuard controller, a state-of-the-art control system with automatic start/stop. If you've ever had to venture out in a late-night rainstorm to prime a pump, you'll appreciate the automatic self-priming features.

Godwin Dri-Prime Features

Venturi air evacuation:

Straight line suction:

Oil bath mechanical seal:

Cast Chromium Steel Impeller: