Pipe Plugs

Lansas Products

Lansas Products, manufactured by Vanderlans & Sons, Inc., offers a complete line of Inflatable and Mechanical Pipe Plugs used for testing pipe, blocking and bypassing flow. Their single sized and multi-sized sewer plugs are made from nylon re-enforced natural rubber. They also manufacture a complete line of Joint Testers, High Pressure Plugs and Air Testing Equipment (Smart Box and Smart Box JR.) and Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment.

Cherne Industries

Cherne offers sewer plugs in a range of sizes (Muni-Ball, Test-Balls), joint-testing equipment, manhole testing equipment, hydrostatic test pumps, deflection gauges, line testing systems and municipal accessories. We currently have pipe plugs in sizes 8-12", 12-24", 15-30", and 24-42" with protective sleeves and inflator kits available for rental or purchase.